Come join Putnam Lodge for our annual Southern Barbeque Dinner.
Saturday, April 26     PICKUP ONLY 4pm - 6pm
$10 gets you your choice of smoked beef brisket, smoked pulled pork, or smoked turkey as well as our own secret recipe Southwestern-style baked beans, colesalw, cornbread, and sauce.
PRESALES ONLY  Check back to learn how to buy your ticklets ONLINE!

Putnam Lodge #46's annual
will be held Sunday, 4 May from 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM.  This all-you-can-eat buffet is $9 for adults and $5 for kids under 12, and all ladies get a free plant!

Weekly Master's Message


I hope this message finds you and your families doing well.   I hope you all had a great Easter/Passover and got to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

This past Tuesday the Officers held another rehearsal for the EA Degree.  Once again, all did a great job.

Wednesday found us traveling to Moriah Lodge to support our SW Peter who was asked to assist with the FC Degree as SD and giving the MC Lecture to their new Brother.  I am proud to say Peter did a phenomenal job as usual.  Thank you to the Brothers who traveled with me, it was a great turn out.

Thursday the Lodge held a Special Communication and conferred the EA Degree in fine form on our new Brother Fred Nagle.  The Officer Corp did an excellent job and should be proud of themselves.  JS Peter Baskin, after a considerable amount of practice really delivered on the Stewards’ Lecture.  Brother Tom Pio and RW Mike Dodge did a particularly awesome job with the 2nd and 3rd lectures, respectfully.

Friday, I actually had a night off and enjoyed a round of golf with RW John at Roseland.  I would invite any Brother who would like to play – last year we did it weekly, meeting at 17:00 on Thursday afternoons and going to Thursday night fellowship afterwards – let me know.  It would be great if we could have a foursome or two together to play.

Here's an update on next Saturday’s bbq: I'd like to mirror the way we handled the WA dinner.  I thought that was the smoothest the bbq has ever gone.  As the saying goes, many hands make light work.

If the Friday crew could again meet and do what you all did last time it would be outstanding.  So if Ken, Djohn and the others could prep the coleslaw (including packaging it and getting it in the fridge), corn bread (cooking and bagging), and get the beans in nescos for cooking, it would be great.  If it goes as smooth as last time we'll be in great shape.  We will also have to package the bbq sauce.

Brothers who can, depending on how the day goes, please show up after work to pick up where they left off.  John and I brought up all the foodstuffs and disposable containers.  We also installed the commercial can opener on the counter on the left as you walk in kitchen.  Thursday we will have to bring up the rest of the nescos and all the food warmers, along with getting the dining room prepped for Saturday and lighting the pilots on the stoves.

RW John and I will be shopping for the turkey, brisket, and other needed items on Monday, so, Dean, we will need a firm head count to procure accordingly.  Scott if you could find some time during the week - Thursday perhaps - to again work your magic on the brisket it would be greatly appreciated; and some plastic bags would be great too. 

Saturday, WB's Chris and Ted will have the smoker going at 04:00ish.  The pork will have to go into the remaining nescos and the beans will have to be cooked and packaged.  We will need assistance in the kitchen when the meat is ready to be sliced and for service as RW John will not be able to be with us on Saturday.  I will have my two coolers along with the warmers for beans and the coleslaw.  The cardboard dividers will be in dining room with the coolers on Thursday evening.

Pick up is from 16:00-18:00.  We will also need some help cleaning up after all is said and done.  I'm probably forgetting something so if you have anything to add please let me know.  Looking forward to another great event - let's make Putnam 46 shine.  Thank you in advance for your continued help.

The next Blue Lodge Council meeting is on 30 April at Corner Stone-Quinebaug in Thompson.  Dinner will be at 19:00, consisting of chicken cacciatore, and the meeting will begin at 20:00.  The program will be provided by the Thompson historical society.

Looking forward to May, on Sunday the 4th the Lodge will be having our Mother’s Day Breakfast from 08:30-11:00.  The cost is $9.00 ($5 for children under 12).  Please come down and enjoy a great meal, we will also need some assistance serving and cleaning up – if you’re available please let me know.

If you are receiving this weekly message and would like to be added to the Lodge call-em-all list for event reminders, updates and notice of Special Communications please email me and I will add you to the list. 

Here are some upcoming dates to keep in mind:
April 26 – Spring BBQ, Tickets $10, pick up 16:00-18:00

Please save the date for the following events:
May 4 – Mother’s day breakfast 08:30-11:00
May 10 – Stated Communication 19:30, FC Degree
May 17 – Cliff Stark Graveside Service
May 24 – Camp Nahaco Dinner

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May the God of peace delight to dwell with and bless you.

WM Rob

Welcome to Putnam Lodge #46

A Simple Country Lodge with Over 200 Years of Tradition and Pride!

As you may have guessed, we are a "Moon Lodge," that is, we meet Saturdays on or before the full moon.  Occasionally we will have 2 meetings during a calendar month and other times we may not Building09.jpgmeet at all during a particular month.   Doesn't it seem that it would be easy to forget when Lodge is?  Well, actually it is not!  All you have to do is look to the East and find the silhouette of the moon, it will tell you when it is time for Lodge.

Why a Moon Lodge you might ask?  Tradition!  It is said, and I choose to believe, that when our Brothers first set this schedule it was for purely practical reasons.  As I stated earlier, we are nothing but a simple country Lodge,  and as some might wrongly think, we did not yet have electricity in 1801 when our Lodge was founded.... What better way to light your path while traveling over hill and dale in Woodstock, Pomfret, Eastford, and dare I say, parts of Putnam than the glorious moonglow of our celestial dancing partner?  We have indeed taken a liking to our ever vigilant beacon of light during these 200 years or so.  Of course, to meet on Saturdays is the icing on the cake!  We have no worries of getting home late and damming work the next day for want of sleep, and yet I can not deny a blurry eye come Sunday morning's invocation.

In our Bed & Breakfast communities, a Brother can come from near and far without the least worries as to lodging and relaxation.  Many Brothers do come by, especially for our renowned Annual Communication; making a family getaway of it and staying in a local Bed & Breakfast, which may have as much history as our little Lodge, and then on to Antique shopping or taking in the pleasure of New England's wintery beauty. Thank you for stoping by our little digital home, feel free to browse around and if you see something that piques your interest drop us a note. We'd love to hear from you!

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