Come join Putnam Lodge for our annual Southern Barbeque Dinner.
Saturday, April 11     PICKUP ONLY 4pm - 6pm
$10 gets you your choice of smoked beef brisket, smoked pulled pork, or smoked turkey as well as our own secret recipe Southwestern-style baked beans, colesalw, cornbread, and sauce.
PRESALES ONLY  Check back to learn how to buy your ticklets ONLINE!


Weekly Master's Message


I hope this message finds you well.

This past Wednesday the officer team had the first of two rehearsals for our upcoming MM degree and communication being held on April 4th, at 5:30pm. I am excited to see it play out, as we will not only see many new travelling brothers, but also every lecture connected with this degree, an excellent dinner, and the consideration of all of the Masonic Day of Caring nominees.

Saturday, two officers of Putnam #46 and I attended the 25th Annual (a feat in and of itself) “Ye Olde Table Lodge” at Moosup #113. In attendance were past, present, and future MWGM’s, as well as a host of brothers from throughout the district and many, many brothers from my home state of Rhode Island. After a total of nine toasts - one of a special gifted rare Kentucky spirit - and excellently timed and prepared fare, brothers exited the lodge to what else? Snow of course! I know that everyone’s warm collective fraternal spirits were not dampened though. I, for one, will never be hindered by a forecast of “April Showers” again. Who ever thought that rain would be a welcomed, happy experience?

This week, please heed the call to action on many fronts: a chance to volunteer at your time at Camp Nahaco, contribute to the “Jog with Judy”, by holding onto and donating certain types of recycling to benefit the “Tabs for Tots” program in conjunction with Blue Lodge Council, or by helping out at our upcoming Spring BBQ.

Camp Nahaco was a place always close to WB Dean Bunnells’ heart. This year WB Chris Mayhew is coordinating an effort that will take place on Saturday April 18th, beginning at 8am. The camp has requested that we assist in demolishing ¾ of the existing pump house and also to rebuild a wall to help close it back in. Lunch will be provided for everyone in attendance; demolition tools and many hands are needed to complete the project. Power tools are also welcome as a generator will be on hand. If you can participate in any form, please contact WB Chris for more details here.

The annual “Jog with Judy” event is being held soon, and donations can be made through WB Chris. This is an event that Putnam #46 has always been behind since its inception. Please consider donating in the name of a Mason who has made your masonic journey easier or more enjoyable.

Our own SD Mike Gibeault is spearheading an effort to supplement the ongoing “Tabs for Tots” program for the Blue Lodge Council in this district. Existing scrap metals such as aluminum, copper, and brass - found in cat food can, returnable drink cans, old aluminum gutters, lawn furniture frames, etc. - can be repurposed and put to good use. The lodge will be designating specific drop off times to collect these materials, so that they can be brought to a proper recycling facility which, in turn, will convert it into donatable “green” material of the paper kind, bearing the likeness of past United States Presidents. It is SD Mike’s desire to then donate these funds to the “Tabs for Tots” program, at every Blue Lodge Council Event. Please forward any questions, or coordinate a material drop off with SD Mike by emailing him here.

Yes, it snowed yesterday; but what better way to warm up then with BBQ pork, brisket or turkey dinners? Our annual Spring BBQ is going to be held on Saturday April 11th from 4-6pm. The dinner is TAKE OUT only and it is $10 a ticket. Please contact me directly for tickets or see any Putnam #46 officer who will readily sell you one more than you may think you need. This year, consider buying one for a friend or brother who has never been before. I know they will thank you! Brothers of Putnam #46, we need help for this event, please contact me directly for a host of responsibilities that need to be filled on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of that week. I look forward to working with all of you at one of our most enjoyable events.

“Words, like eyeglasses, blur everything they do not make clear.”- Joseph Joubert. This week practice saying only what is necessary; it is amazing the power you carry in your silence and your ability to listen. Better yet, instead of “saying” what you are going to do, “do” it! You have three clear opportunities in the paragraphs above. Start with one. One is achievable for anyone.

Brothers, you have FIVE days left to nominate a worthy distressed brother, widow, or orphan of Putnam #46 to be considered for our Masonic Day of Caring to be held in early May. It is not hard to think of someone else, but please take that next step and send the nomination here. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by to hold true to the obligation you took. All nominees will be considered at this next communication by the membership.

Upcoming dates:

April 1st- MM rehearsal, 7:30pm
April 4th- MM degree and communication, 5:30pm start
April 11th- Spring BBQ 4-6pm, $10 a ticket
April 13th- Grand Lodge Session
April 18th- 8am Camp Nahaco Volunteer Day

May the God of Peace delight to dwell with and bless you.
WM Peter

Welcome to Putnam Lodge #46

A Simple Country Lodge with Over 200 Years of Tradition and Pride!

As you may have guessed, we are a "Moon Lodge," that is, we meet Saturdays on or before the full moon.  Occasionally we will have 2 meetings during a calendar month and other times we may not Building09.jpgmeet at all during a particular month.   Doesn't it seem that it would be easy to forget when Lodge is?  Well, actually it is not!  All you have to do is look to the East and find the silhouette of the moon, it will tell you when it is time for Lodge.

Why a Moon Lodge you might ask?  Tradition!  It is said, and I choose to believe, that when our Brothers first set this schedule it was for purely practical reasons.  As I stated earlier, we are nothing but a simple country Lodge,  and as some might wrongly think, we did not yet have electricity in 1801 when our Lodge was founded.... What better way to light your path while traveling over hill and dale in Woodstock, Pomfret, Eastford, and dare I say, parts of Putnam than the glorious moonglow of our celestial dancing partner?  We have indeed taken a liking to our ever vigilant beacon of light during these 200 years or so.  Of course, to meet on Saturdays is the icing on the cake!  We have no worries of getting home late and damming work the next day for want of sleep, and yet I can not deny a blurry eye come Sunday morning's invocation.

In our Bed & Breakfast communities, a Brother can come from near and far without the least worries as to lodging and relaxation.  Many Brothers do come by, especially for our renowned Annual Communication; making a family getaway of it and staying in a local Bed & Breakfast, which may have as much history as our little Lodge, and then on to Antique shopping or taking in the pleasure of New England's wintery beauty. Thank you for stoping by our little digital home, feel free to browse around and if you see something that piques your interest drop us a note. We'd love to hear from you!

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